Frequently Asked Questions

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Do the heated towel rails have a New Zealand Approval?

Yes, the Radiant Heated Towel rails are AS/NZ approved – certificate V 07911.

Where can they be installed within the bathroom?

Radiant Heated Towel Rails are rated IP55 which is the highest rating available on the market in New Zealand, giving you the best possible choice of locations to install in your bathroom. Always check suitable locations with your local electrician.

Which side does the wire come out?

All models are available with the power cord/plug available from any corner. Usually most people choose the bottom right or bottom left side, but if your power outlet is at a high level, they can be installed upside down so that the power is at the top. You just need to specify which corner you want the wire/plug to be when ordering.

Can they be hard wired?

The Radiant Towel Rails are supplied with a 1.4m cable flex & Australian plug, however if you want to hard wire them, you can ask your electrician to remove the plug & connect the towel rail to a separate switch (not included) The towel rail has also comes with an extra 'concealed wiring bracket' included so that the cable can be hidden from view if required. See the installation instructions or brochure for further details.

Where can I buy one from?

You can purchase the Radiant Heated Towel rails directly by phone & we will despatch directly to your door.

What are the towel rails made from?

The Radiant Heated Towel rails are manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel & then polished to a mirror finish. The finish is very similar to chrome but with the advantage that it can't chip or flake.

How long do they take to heat up?

Radiant heated towel rails use dry element technology, so they usually heat up within 5-10 minutes. As they are not filled with water so there is no danger of leaks etc.

Can they be left switched on?

The Radiant heated towel rails can be left on over winter, or they can just be switched on for a few hours a day, or just overnight.

How much to they cost to run?

Depending on the model, the output is between 65 & 130 watts, so the running costs will be little more than a standard light bulb.

Will they heat the bathroom?

The wattage is not sufficient to be considered as a primary heating system, however depending how well insulated the room is, if they are left on overnight they can help take the chill out of the air as well as dry the towels.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes the Radiant Towel Rails are guaranteed for FIVE YEARS from date of purchase.

Are other sizes/styles available?

Subject to minimum order quantities, we can manufacture the Radiant Heated Towel Rails in almost any size – this is usually limited to developers of apartments & hotels.

Can the towel rails be hung upside down?

Yes - as the towel rails are dry element, you can hang them upside down with the cable flex / plug at the top - you just need to specify where you want the cable flex / plug when ordering (i.e top right, or top left).